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About Blue Dog BBQ Company

Blue Dog BBQ Company announced June 4th, 2018 that they will open their first brick and mortar restaurant at 1300 Bank St, Baltimore MD in the historic Tack Factory Building. This was the previous location of the Heavy Seas Alehouse Baltimore, which has closed.

Blue Dog BBQ was formed in 2017 by restaurant veterans Jon Royce and Sean Stoll with a concentration in on-site catering. In this new venture, they will join forces with Mike Neall, an established restauranteur, to bring their true passion of wood fired BBQ to life.

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The historic Tack Factory Building is the perfect fit for our brand and business. It allows us to create world class BBQ the way it was meant to be made. As far as we know, we’ll be the only BBQ joint in Baltimore that cooks with only wood,” states Stoll.

He also pointed out that he believes that Blue Dog would be the only BBQ restaurant in the city that uses wood only in the smoking process. “No gas assisted smokers allowed!” He concluded.

Hugh Sisson, Founder of Heavy Seas Beer, stated “While Heavy Seas Alehouse has enjoyed serving some of Baltimore’s best craft beer and food to the local community and visitors alike, this is a great opportunity to give Blue Dog BBQ a chance to realize their dream. This will also allow the Heavy Seas team to continue focusing on executing the expansion and renovation of the new tasting room at the brewery.”

The Heavy Seas Alehouse opened in early 2012 providing guests the ability to experience the brewery in a restaurant setting with a focus on the pairing of Heavy Seas beer and food. The Alehouse is owned by HSAH LLC,  an independent ownership group,  as part of a licensing agreement with the brewery. The Heavy Seas Alehouse Arlington will remain open.

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